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How to Become a Huffington Post Contributor – The Quick and Dirty Guide

How to Become a Huffington Post Contributor – The Quick and Dirty Guide



This pretty much sums up my reaction when I received a reply from Arianna Huffington within 24 hours.

I never thought I’d ever be published on Huffington Post. It seemed too much like a dream.

An ultimate goal for when I was experienced enough.

But one fine day, I summoned up enough courage to press the send button, sent Arianna an email, and she replied in the affirmative.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

So, if you’re rocking the same boat I was, let me tell you one thing,


I’ll show you just how easy through this guide. And you don’t need to have an impressive portfolio either. I know, I didn’t.


1. STEP 1

Write an awesome post. This is the most important part of this process. ‘Write from the heart’ is equally important. I’d say ‘don’t write just to get published’, but if you are doing just that (because let’s face it, that’s what we’re all doing) then make sure your post is REALLY GOOD. It should offer something to the readers. I’m a huge fan of practical, actionable steps, but anything that provides good value to the audience is great.

Can’t think of anything to write? How about a devastating experience or a triumphant occasion?

Tip: List posts generally do great EVERYWHERE.

2. STEP 2

Figure out which section you want to publish your post in. You’ll need to mention it in the email pitch. Here’s a list of all the sections:


Here’s the link to the editors of each section. You don’t need to get too intimidated by this information, it’s just for general knowledge.

3. STEP 3

Read the section you’ve chosen thoroughly. Find out if the subject you’re writing on has been broached before or not.

If it hasn’t, you can mention in your email pitch how readers would love this information since it hasn’t been talked about before. And if it has, then you can mention that since that post was received well by the readers, yours will be too.

This step is important because it shows Arianna and the HuffPost editors that you’re serious and your post is not just for self-promotional purposes. It gives good vibes.

And at this point you need all the good vibes you can get!

4. STEP 4

Now it’s time for the dreaded email pitch. There are two ways you can pitch to HuffPost.

1. You can either send Arianna an email at,

2. You can fill up their official post submission form,

I sent an email to Arianna, so I’d advise you to go that route. However, many of those who used the form to pitch were published too, so it’s really up to you.

5. STEP 5

This is the last step. Wait patiently. If you don’t hear within a week, then send a follow-up message to Arianna. She usually replies within 48 hours.

And if you still don’t get a reply, or the HuffPost team doesn’t accept your post, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. I repeat,

Write another article and send another pitch. They are not going to blacklist you just because they didn’t accept your first post. Keep on trying.

Tips – Stuff that worked in my favor:

– If you’re suffering from writer’s block or have no time to write a brand-spanking-new article tailored to perfection for HuffPost, you can send in a post (you’re super-proud of) and you’ve already published on your blog.

That’s what I did.

I’ll let you in on another secret – this was the ONLY blog post I had written under my own name.

So I had no impressive portfolios or a dozen awesome blog posts to show that I was a veteran blogger. As a ghostwriter, my articles and eBooks were not-to-be-named, and this was my absolute first step to building my name in the writing biz.

– I know a lot of bloggers + HuffPost contributors’ recommend you to be acquainted with the editors of the section you’re pitching for, but I didn’t do that. I was following Arianna on pretty much all social media platforms but I had no clue who my section editors even were much less follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

So if that’s what’s holding you back, don’t fret too much.

Got questions? Type in a comment below, and I’ll help you out the best way I can!