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It sucks, I know.

You’ve got these awesome ideas that can conquer the digital world, but every time you try to put it on paper or up on the screen, it doesn’t sound right.

Your ideas, which sparkle in your mind, seem to lose their shine.

You’ve spent nights agonizing about it and days trying to put it all together, but it just doesn’t have that oomph factor that will make your clients\customers go, “Hey, they totally get me. Spending money on them is definitely worth it.”

You’re not convincing your audience with your words.

You’re staring at the blank screen, your index finger hovering on the {backspace} button, and every time you write something, it doesn’t sound right.

You’re annoyed and frustrated. And the worst bit is that you’re losing time AND money.

How can I help YOU?

I write words that CONVERT. That hook readers in. That make them eager for more. That voice their inner frustrations and turn them into YOUR loyal customers.

And the best bit is I write in YOUR VOICE.

Nobody knows it’s me working behind the scenes.

A bit more ‘About Me’.

When I’m not finding the perfect recipe for the most divine chocolate fudge cake, I enjoy regular content writing and ghost-writing work over a wide range of fields and businesses.

I have been featured on several A-list blogs and publications including The Huffington Post, Jeff Bullas, and Good Magazine.

I help entrepreneurs give words to their business visions and aspirations, which allows them to climb the success ladder at a faster pace.

The digital world is over-saturated with content so in order to stand out and have an edge over your rivals, you need something extraordinary; and THAT’S what I’m here for.

Talk to me about your business, about what makes you light up, and see how I turn that into words that not only brings joy to you, BUT also trucks full of customers and clients.